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Prefeitura de Cachoeira do Piriá

Cúpula da segurança pública do estado se reúne em Cachoeira

By Paulo Zildene - On Friday, 12/12, the Cachoeira do Piriá chamber met with city councilors and representatives of the executive branch, with the state public safety summit, to discuss the demands of the municipality regarding the fight against crime, trafficking and the possible deployment of a military police detachment in the village of Enche Concha.


The state's public safety secretary, Jannot Jasen, told councilors and secretaries that the state intends to "deploy, in the municipality, fuel storage equipment for the supply of helicopters, which will be used for regular operations in Cachoeira and Cachoeira. Region, "said Jannot.


On the detachment of military police, for the village of Enche Concha, the secretary said that "only after the formation of the new class of military police, will be able to make available to the village of Enche Concha, the new garrison. Let's talk to the mayor to see some details for this deployment. But we will go to the village of Enche Concha to know the place, "said the secretary.


Asked by councilors and secretaries about the feasibility of providing motorcycles, to combat violence in the municipality, the secretary said that "this request requires a more time-consuming demand for its execution," he concluded.


According to the civil police delegate, Rilmar Firmino, who met the agenda of the mayor Leonardo and the president of the parliament, Rosangela Fagnani, to gather the military and civilian police in the municipality, the increase for Cachoeira will be in December .


"After the formation of 150 delegates in February, we will highlight an exclusive delegate for Cachoeira," said Rilmar, adding that the municipality "will have a team, 'Investigator, clerk and delegate', complete", concluded the delegate


Colonel Emilio, who represented the Commander General of the Military Police, Cel. Rilton noted that "due to the formation of new military and civilian police that have passed in the last contest left a large deficit in the state, effective, but when the training is finished this deficit will decrease and we will highlight the new Cachoeira a trim, for the Enche Concha "Said Cel. Emílio, also stressing that "we will create a municipal integrated management office to discuss effective actions that will improve the public safety issue of the municipality," concluded Cel. Emilio.


For the president of the municipal parliament, Rosangela Fagnani, the concern of the executive and legislative power is to watch over the public safety of the municipality, taking into account the latest events in the community of Enche Concha, which resulted in the death of one policeman and two bandits.


"The arrival of the secretary of security, with the delegate general and the command of the military police is important for our municipality, especially when they visit a community of the Conch Concha and know reality and distance. The village of Enche Concha is polo and needs a detachment by being close to several communities, "said the parliamentarian.


Deputy Mayor Antônio Sacramento Pantoja, who was representing Mayor Leonardo Vale, said that "one of the priorities of the government is public safety due to the specificities of the municipality for having 1,200 km of back roads and a region of extensive forest, which facilitates the perpetrators to commit their crimes. The presence of the public security of the state and the increase of the effective is the dream that all Cachoeira-Piriaense has to live with more tranquility ", finalized the deputy mayor.


The town councilors, Adenilgon (government leader), Edivan, Leila, Nilo, Josimar and Rosangela attended the meeting with the state's public safety summit. And representing the government, the deputy mayor, Cordeiro, the secretaries, Paulinho da Sucam (works), Luis Paulo (administration and finance), Jean Silva (social assistance), and government staff.

Summit of state security meets in Cachoeira

Summit of state security meets in Cachoeira

Summit of state security meets in Cachoeira

Summit of state security meets in Cachoeira

Summit of state security meets in Cachoeira

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